The dashboard melted but we still have the radio

21 Jul

It’s hot as hell and I haven’t updated this blog in weeks. I really don’t have much to say, but to keep this thing recent here are a few thoughts:

1) Every winter when it snows, I see my redneck Facebook friends post about ‘there goes Al Gore’s global warming theory!’ And right about this time of year I wonder if they have air conditioning in their mobile homes ’cause it’s fucking hot, hot, hot!

2) This whole debt ceiling thing, I have no idea what everyone’s talking about. The left seems to be pissed at President Obama for not having more balls and the right, well seem pissed off with their elected officials about not having more balls. Just goes to show that no matter who you vote for you never really win, IMO. The downside to having a two-party system is that every topic will be viewed in black-and-white. Unfortunately ‘shades of grey’ and any semblance of tolerance seem to be a foreign idea.

3) Things were so much better back when … I recently went to see ‘Midnight in Paris’ with my lovely partner leesuh. Was a great film and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. One of the subjects it dealt with was glorifying the past as being so much better than the present. I often get upset when I hear people talk about ‘the glory days.’ Are things really that bad right now? My immigrant forefathers worked like hell on a farm countless hours per day for little if any pay. I’m sure if they were alive today they’d be amused that the only thing I need to deal with on a nightly basis is traffic and which restaurant I’m going to dine at.

4) Robert Smith from the Cure is still one of my favorite people in the world. I heard this song today on the radio and fell in love with that band all over again …




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