1990 coaching fashions, courtesy of NHL Pro Set

5 Jan

Rick Ley

I’ve been collecting hockey cards off and on for nearly 25 years. I still purchase a few boxes and random packs but honestly at this point the thrill of finding a valuable rookie card is often overshadowed by finding older, out-of-style cards.

So I’ve told most of my family members who frequent secondhand stores to scan the shelves for cheap hockey cards and, lucky for me, here are some awesome examples of cards I received this year for Christmas.

These cards are from the 1990-91 NHL Pro Set (series two) and feature NHL head coaches.

My personal favorite is Bob Murdoch, screaming rather vehemently at someone off camera to his left. Murdoch was obviously a standout in the NHL’s ‘big glasses and a red tie era.’ He also won the 1989-90 Jack Adams Award as coach of the Winnipeg Jets.

Bob Murdoch

I’m giving honorable mention for the big glasses and a red tie getup to the Hartford Whaler’s Rick Ley (top, left) and runner-up honors to the Philadelphia Flyers’ Paul Holmgren:

Paul Holmgren

Rick Dudley, then head coach of the Buffalo Sabres, looks absolutely chill in his photo. And why wouldn’t he? The back of the card indicates that he finished third in the previous year’s Jack Adams Award voting. I imagine hipsters of today, whether they know it or not, owe much of their fashionable inspiration to Mr. Dudley.

Rick Dudley

And there’s three-time Jack Adams award winner Pat Burns, pictured here coaching the Habs, proving classy never goes out of style:

Pat Burns


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