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As for me and my family we will live amongst ‘the crazies’

18 Nov

I really like downtown Pittsburgh, I like it a lot. In fact I’d like to buy a home nearby. People say, “watch out for the crazies!” But I like crazy eccentric interesting people. I really do.

I grew up in rural America and didn’t really care for it. In 1991 I moved to Pittsburgh to attend college and, after graduating, ended up moving to several rural areas to advance my career. And just like my hometown, I didn’t especially like those places either.

So it was a life-changing experience in 2008 when I reconnected with @trashyleesuh and got a job in downtown Pittsburgh. I felt like I was back where I belong. The skyline, unique architecture and cute buildings, public transportation (late buses), panhandlers, street preachers … all of the things I missed so much were now right outside of my office window.

Three+ years later and we’re looking for a house to buy, her and I. A new neighborhood to explore, a community to join. I’m tempted to drive across a bridge or ‘up the parkway’ to a quiet suburban neighborhood and buy a cute little home beside cute little neighbors. But I’m also reminded of the beautiful chaos that I first found living downtown. And I really hope that I cannot only live amongst that chaos, but become an active part of it.

Growing up, my grandmother had a magnet attached to her refrigerator that said, “As for me and my family we will serve the lord.” I never found Jesus but I did find a place on Earth that I love.


House hunting

22 May

mobile living?

So yesterday @trashyleesuh and I took our first step towards purchasing a home. Well kind of. We attended a home buying fair and seminar held at a local church and chatted with bank representatives, nonprofits and community organizations. We really don’t know the first thing about buying a home but the fair did answer some basic questions and gave us some starting points.

Right now we have quite a bit to do. We’ve decided to renew the lease on our current apartment for a while until we figure out exactly what we need and want. We’ll be following up with bank representatives about financing, as well as putting together some type of savings plan for a down payment and closing costs. And we’re beginning to put together lists of Pittsburgh neighborhoods where we’d like to buy.

After so many years of renting and moving around, we’re both very excited about finding a place to call our own.

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