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As for me and my family we will live amongst ‘the crazies’

18 Nov

I really like downtown Pittsburgh, I like it a lot. In fact I’d like to buy a home nearby. People say, “watch out for the crazies!” But I like crazy eccentric interesting people. I really do.

I grew up in rural America and didn’t really care for it. In 1991 I moved to Pittsburgh to attend college and, after graduating, ended up moving to several rural areas to advance my career. And just like my hometown, I didn’t especially like those places either.

So it was a life-changing experience in 2008 when I reconnected with @trashyleesuh and got a job in downtown Pittsburgh. I felt like I was back where I belong. The skyline, unique architecture and cute buildings, public transportation (late buses), panhandlers, street preachers … all of the things I missed so much were now right outside of my office window.

Three+ years later and we’re looking for a house to buy, her and I. A new neighborhood to explore, a community to join. I’m tempted to drive across a bridge or ‘up the parkway’ to a quiet suburban neighborhood and buy a cute little home beside cute little neighbors. But I’m also reminded of the beautiful chaos that I first found living downtown. And I really hope that I cannot only live amongst that chaos, but become an active part of it.

Growing up, my grandmother had a magnet attached to her refrigerator that said, “As for me and my family we will serve the lord.” I never found Jesus but I did find a place on Earth that I love.


Dear Ray Shero, please draft Brandon Saad

21 Jun

The NHL draft takes place this Friday, June 24 at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. And while all eyes are on the top six to eight players, one Pittsburgher could make history as the highest drafted native of the ‘Burgh to ever be drafted by an NHL team. In fact, the first round could see a trio of Pittsburghers (John Gibson, Brandon Saad and J.T. Miller) walk to the stage. That really blows my mind.

Growing up a few counties east of this city in the 1970s and ‘80s, I didn’t know much of anything about hockey until Mario Lemieux was drafted. There just wasn’t much news about the NHL or any other forms of hockey in my hometown. But Mario changed all of that. And as the Penguins won more and more games (and Wayne Gretzky won a Cup with Edmonton and then made a splash in Los Angeles), the NHL moved into the limelight locally and I became more and more addicted to the game. My friends and I scoured the USA Today in the mornings for box scores on games, I began searching out hockey cards (hard to find back then!) and of course we all bought Penguins merchandise and took road trips to the Civic Arena.

But one thing we didn’t do is take up the game. And that’s because there simply wasn’t anywhere in my neighborhood to find an ice rink — let alone skates, sticks or even pucks.

In the spring of 1991 I moved to Pittsburgh to attend college. A year later I watched the Penguins win their second Stanley Cup and my friends and I paraded through the streets drinking beer and high-fiving fellow hockey fans. Hockey hit the mainstream in Pittsburgh and more attention was paid to the game at the grassroots level.

I still have never laced a pair of skates, held a real hockey stick or stepped on to a sheet of ice. But obviously a lot of kids in this region did. It will be nice to see a few more of them drafted this Friday. It would be even nicer to see one of them come home to play.

Happydazzle, not kitty empire

9 May

so this is my blog and it’s called happydazzle. why? because i wanted to call it kitty empire but that name was taken.

i’m not sure what i’ll write about here or if i’ll even bother updating this thing. but it seems like everyone has their own nifty blog at this point and to be honest i began feeling slightly inadequate. so i spent a few hours thinking of a name and choosing the cleanest, most simple design i could find.

and hey, maybe this will be useful. facebook no longer seems conversational and sometimes i can’t edit a thought to 140 characters or less. so voila, my own personal place to vent about art or hockey or music or food or cars or whatever the hell i feel like. let the narcissistic ramblings begin …

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